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Meal Planning & Delivery

> Our meals and delivery services are now available in your area, we cover all San Diego county.

> Say goodbye to junk food, unhealthy frozen meals or same old boring take out made with ingredients that contain msg, gmo and pesticides.

> Our food is something you haven't tried before, fresh, healthy, delicious, innovative and rare to find.

> Is also conveniently packed with reheating instructions.

> You only have to order it and it will arrive at your door ready to enjoy.

> See our how it works and get ready to place an order

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> Delivery is free up to 10 miles from our commercial kitchen in Clairemont, further than that we charge a $5 or more for a delivery fee, depending of your location

> Our minimum order is $50

> Pay by cash, check, PayPal o Venmo due at delivery