Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  how our weekly delivery meal works?

A.  Menu updates will be post on our website on Fridays. You should order your meals by Sunday at midnight. Delivery starts on Tuesday.

Just keep in mind that we have a minimum order of $50 plus a delivery charge of $5.


Q.  How our Personal chef service works?

A - After setting all the details over the phone, chef Maria will come to your home and prepare the meals that you both have decided in your kitchen. After that she will package, label and store them in your fridge or freezer. She also will write you down the reheating instructions. At the end the space used in your kitchen would look just exactly like when she started cooking.


Q.  How do I prepare for a cook date?

A - It's all up to you. You can either be there or not. We just need some free counter space to prepare the food and same in your fridge/freezer to store the prepared food.

 Chef Maria will bring all the necessary tools to cook if you don't have, also she can bring recyclable or glass containers if you want so you don't have to worry about that. 


Q. How do I pay for the chef services?

A - Half of the payment is due by the first consultation and then we will divide the other half depending on the number of cook dates scheduled.


Q.  How does ordering and delivery work?

A - When you order your meals, either for a private home or an office, you just need to be specific about the dishes that you want, the date and time you need them by and provide the address.


Q.  How often do you deliver?

We start our deliveries on Tuesdays.


Q.  What about the containers I need after a personal chef cook date?

A - If you are a regular client, chef Maria encourages you to get reusable glass containers to store your food.

You can purchase them on your own or with us.