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About chef/owner Maria Leon

> Born and raised in Lima, Peru at early age Maria experienced a big love and respect for food taught by the ladies in her family.

> Fast forward in her early 20's she decided to go to Florida for a couple of months. Back and forth a few times, she stayed in sunny Miami and a new beginning started for her. Beautiful weather, sense of independence and invision a life as a chef seem possible.

> Going to culinary school was a must for her but somehow she realized being in the kitchen, working non stop would give her more experience and open her horizons faster. Her "experience" cooking at home growing up was more than enough for her to get a job plus she was always keeping herself updated with cooking techniques, reading cookbooks, online searching, TV shows, etc so she decided to try out for a job in the kitchen and she got it.

> That's how her culinary journey as a cook began, she worked at the best restaurants in Miami, Metro Kitchen+Bar, Karu&Y, Zuma and the chic Setai hotel. There she got the professional training she wanted, gained tons of organizational skills, leadership, cleanliness, precision, worked as a team ... And many more that helped to develop her creativity and love for food to a higher point.

> Now living in California, right next to one of the best agricultural sources possible, with amazing farmers markets packed with fresh produce, grains and many other food sources. About 2 years ago she felt is was about time to start her own business and take everything she had learned to a next level.

> That's how INTI Personal Chef Services got created. All of her dishes are hand crafted for a nutritious and sustainable diet where her passion for food and health are the key ingredient.

> Maria wants for her clients to eat healthy and delicious at the same time, to experience her Peruvian fusion food and get connected to her roots, to nature and to live green.

> "My mission as a cook is provide to my clients tasteful and delightful meals, in the comfort of their own home at an affordable price. My food will nourish your soul, body and mind, it will add freshness to your life and it will show you how everything is much better when we eat right"